Friday, 1 December 2017

Netflix begins ALTERED CARBON viral marketing campaign

Netflix are ramping up their marketing for Altered Carbon, the TV adaptation of Richard Morgan's Takeshi Kovacs novels. Following the release of teaser GIFs earlier this week, they've now released an in-universe advert for Psychasec, adverting the custom-genetically-engineered "sleeves" (new bodies) that the rich and powerful can buy for themselves.

There is also a new Twitter account ( @AltCarb ) which looks like it's going to be used by Netflix for a viral marketing campaign.

Altered Carbon is provisionally slated for release in February 2018, but Netflix have still to confirm the date.

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Dave Post said...

Thanks for posting these bits. I'm really looking forward to this series as a fan of the books and these snippets look really gorgeous to me. Can't wait!