Tuesday 2 February 2021

HBO airs first trailer for THE NEVERS

HBO has aired the first trailer for The Nevers, its new period supernatural show from Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon.

Set in London in the (apparently late) 19th Century, during the Victorian era, the show focuses on Amalia True (Laura Donnelly), an irresponsible drunk who becomes one of a number of women to gain supernatural powers. Some in society regard such people as a threat, others as an opportunity to gain power and influence.

The show also stars Olivia Williams, James Norton, Tom Riley, Ann Skelly, Ben Chaplin, Amy Manson, Eleanor Tomlinson and Nick Frost.

The show is Whedon's first solo-developed project for television since Dollhouse (2009-10) and his first TV work since directing the pilot of Agents of SHIELD in 2013. However, Whedon left the project shortly after the conclusion of principle photography. Whedon cited scheduling conflicts and problems caused by the delays in filming due to the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason for his departure, but some have noted that the departure coincided with accusations of bullying by actor Ray Fisher during his reshoots on Zack Snyder's Justice League (2017) (Warner Brothers, which produced Justice League, owns HBO). However, Warner Brothers have stood by the other producers and executives named in Fisher's complaints and Whedon's departure had been rumoured for months, since he was reportedly in talks with Disney about developing new projects for them.

Philippa Goslett has taken over as showrunner on The Nevers in the event a second season is greenlit. Season 1 will begin airing on HBO and HBO Max in April this year.

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