Monday, 14 May 2007


Richard Morgan's masterful Black Man is now available in the United Kingdom. Full review here. William Lexner called this book a Stranger in a Strange Land for the 21st Century and I agree fully. If there is any justice, this will be a front-runner for the Best Novel Hugo at Denvercon 2008. The US edition of the book, entitled Thirteen, will be released on 26 June 2007.

I am currently reading Steven Erikson's Reaper's Gale, which will be my next review. However, it's very slow going. As with most Malazan books I expect the book to really kick into gear about halfway through. Nethspace has a review now though, as do Pat's Fantasy Hotlist and SFFWorld.

Paul Kearney, the skilled writer of the excellent Monarchies of God series, has had his new series, The Sea-Beggars, cancelled halfway through (and, very considerately, when he'd just about finished the third volume). More news on this here. Expect an author profile on Kearney in the near future.

In recent TV news, it has been confirmed that Lost will end after three more 16-episode seasons, conluding in May 2010. Battlestar Galactica, it is very heavily rumoured, will end with the final episode of Season 4, airing in March 2008. This has not yet been confirmed by the producers (David Eick comments on it here), but Eddie Olmos (who plays Admiral Adama) has hinted at it.

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