Saturday, 12 January 2008


I am currently reading Bernard Cornwell's Warlord Chronicles Trilogy (The Winter King, Enemy of God and Excalibur), his 'realistic' retelling of the Arthurian legend. So far, this is one of the finest works of historical fiction I have read. I predict a glowing review score if the quality is maintained throughout the series.

I am also rewatching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on DVD. Expect reviews of the DVD box sets in the near future, although I am also maintaining an episode-by-episode commentary on the message board in the Entertainment section if you are really that interested.

Some updates: Lost Season 4 begins with its first episode, The Beginning of the End, airing on ABC in the United States on Thursday 31 January. Sky One follows three days later with its transmission of the same episode. Battlestar Galactica Season 4 follows at the end of March. Ashes to Ashes, the sequel series to Life on Mars (expect a review of the full series of this in the next few weeks), starts on BBC-1 in February, exact date to be decided.

Steven Erikson's eighth Malazan novel, Toll the Hounds, has had its release date brought forwards to June 2008. Bantam UK are going to be making a bigger push for the series, re-releasing Gardens of the Moon (the first volume) in March at the cheaper price of £3.99.

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Unknown said...

Looking forward to the glowing review. I read The Warlord Chronicles two summers ago, and went on to recommend them to anyone who'd listen. The series is solid throughout, and the battle scenes are just fantastic -- we need more authors of this breadth in fantasy. Perhaps I wouldn't flick through most of the battles if this were the case.
They're apparently his favourite among the books he's written.