Thursday, 25 February 2010

Brandon Sanderson update

It's turning into one of those days when lots of news all comes along at once, isn't it?

Brandon Sanderson has posted an update about Towers of Midnight, the thirteenth and penultimate Wheel of Time novel. Sanderson reports that the writing of new material on the book has paused in favour of rewrites and editing, something which he seemed to get a bit down about around Christmas, at one point hinting that book might even slip to a Spring 2011 release.

However, this new update is much more upbeat and positive, with Sanderson stating that the plan is to still release the book in late 2010, and this is still eminently achievable at the moment. He also confirms that the book will be about 20,000 words longer than The Gathering Storm.

Sanderson also promises additional updates in the next few months ahead of the summer publication of his own new novel, The Way of Kings, the first book in The Stormlight Archive. This new novel will feature covert art from Michael Whelan, an interesting coup given that Whelan is not as prolific as he used to be.


Neth said...

Brandon told me re the Whelan cover that Tom Dohorty owed him a favor, so Brandon's request was that Whelan do the cover. Apparently Whelan owed Dohorty a favor as well - so we have him doing the cover art. It'll be interesting to see if other books in the series also get Whelan covers.

Anonymous said...

Sanderson, what a workhorse. Writing and publishing his own books in the same year as a mammoth project like finishing WoT? That's enough to earn my respect.