Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Atlas of Ice and Fire updates

Here's a list of recent updates to my other blog, The Atlas of Ice and Fire.


jajaja said...

Fantastic work.

Any chance that you could do this with the Malazan Book of the Fallen world??

Adam Whitehead said...

The Atlas of Ice and Fire is predominantly ASoIaF-focused, but I will be including some Malazan (and other fantasy land) maps later on.

Yajnavalkya Sinha said...

Where is Malazan, actually, in the George R∙ R∙ Martin fictional universe?

Adam Whitehead said...

It isn't. The Atlas of Ice & Fire is predominantly about ASoIaF but also brings in other fantasy and SF universes.

At some theoretical point the Atlas will run out of ASoIaF/GoT material so it will have to do other series and books at that point as well.