Monday, 21 March 2016

R. Scott Bakker update and book trailer

R. Scott Bakker has released a trailer for The Second Apocalypse series, as well as providing an update on the next book in the series.

As related previously, the concluding volume of what was formerly The Aspect-Empire Trilogy had grown too large for Overlook Press to release in one volume so it has now been split in two: The Great Ordeal and The Unholy Consult. After numerous delays, a release date was given, but further concern emerged when it appeared that the book had still not undergone the editorial process.

Fortunately, Bakker has now confirmed that The Great Ordeal has been edited and he is now going over the final revisions. This makes the release date of 7 July 2016 (yes, just over three months from now) look pretty firm at this point, for both Overlook in the States and Orbit in the UK.

The above book trailer, created by Scott's brother Bryan and his video production company Bizbio Creative and using the excellent artwork of Jason Deem (aka SpiralHorizon), is actually a taster for a longer version which will be released next month.


thomas conneely said...

if ever there was a textbook case of an author being unfairly treated by a publisher, this must be it. R Scott Bakker deserves better , and the widerreadership that could be found for his work if only it was marketed properly by his publisher.

lee hewitt said...

cant fucking wait. best series ever.

Anonymous said...

White writing over a white background is a big faux-pas. Just goes on to show that book "trailers" are worthless. Sorry, Bryan Bakker.

That said, can't wait for this and sequel, most highly expected books ever in my case.