Saturday, 1 December 2012


Neil Gaiman has tweeted that he is now writing the American Gods TV show pilot, indicating that the project is still moving ahead despite a long gap since the last hard news about it.

In addition, the BBC is recording a new radio drama adaptation of Neverwhere, Gaiman's novelisation of his 1996 television series of the same name. This would not normally be big news, except the cast that has been assembled is nothing short of stellar. The list of names currently stands as:

James McAvoy - Richard
Natalie Dormer - Door
Benedict Cumberbatch - Islington
Antony Head - Mr. Croup
David Schofield - Mr. Vandemar
Sophie Okenedo - Hunter
Bernard Cribbins - Old Bailey
Romola Garai - Jessica
Christopher Lee - The Earl
David Harewood - The Marquis
Andrew Sachs - Tooley
Johnny Vegas - Lord Ratspeaker

Impressive. They could make a movie of the story with this cast and it would be awesome.


Anonymous said...

a radio drama is a bit out of time, isn't it?

Asterion said...

Yes. Yes they should. I want this movie.

Adam Whitehead said...

Are radio dramas out of time? No, not at all. Audio books are obviously big business, and this is just an extension of that. They're a good form of entertainment to listen to, especially on the move.

In fact, Brian Sibley's 1981 LORD OF THE RINGS radio serial for the BBC remains the most faithful adaptation of the novel (since it retains elements dropped by Jackson, such as the Scouring of the Shire).

Narmwhal said...

Out of time if you're like me and live on this side of the ocean where we don't get BBC. I assume CBC plays some among their many quasi-fiction programs. But it is commonly known that BBC does tonnes of radio dramas - so NOT out of time.

redhead said...

brilliant casting!

so, how will us Americans get to listen? I can't imagine they'd play this as part of the BBC newshour on PBS. streaming, perhaps?