Monday, 31 December 2012

Peter David has had a stroke

The crappiest way to end the year. News has broken that novelist and comic book writer Peter David has suffered a stroke.

David has many accolades to his name, arguably most notably as the author who ended the "Is Pluto a planet?" debate by having the Borg destroy it in a Star Trek novel. He also picked up the numerous loose ends left dangling by the Babylon 5 TV series and resolved them in a particularly fine trilogy of tie-in novels in the early 2000s. He also wrote what is arguably the greatest TV tie-in novel of all time in Vendetta (a Star Trek: The Next Generation novel) and spent twelve years writing The Incredible Hulk, to considerable critical acclaim. I wish him a full recovery and for many more comics and novels to come from him in the future.


Raquel said...

Oh, here's hoping he recovers soon, and fully!

Bob said...

Damn. Here's hoping he sees a full and speedy recovery.

remember his Hulk run vividly, and I can't argue Vendetta being one of the best Trek novels.