Thursday, 25 January 2018

BANNER SAGA 3 brought forwards to Summer 2018

Given that delays to eagerly-awaited games are the norm, it's good to see the reverse taking place for once.

Stoic's Banner Saga 3 was originally slated for a December 2018 release. However, a very successful Kickstarter campaign and a larger budget than they'd been expected allowed them to turbo-charge the game's development and it will now be dropping in the summer, possibly June or July.

The game is the concluding chapter to a trilogy that began with the excellent Banner Saga and continued with the also-excellent Banner Saga 2. I am expecting the final game of the three to be also excellent. The series depicts a world falling into annihilation at the hands of a darkness filling the skies and forcing a tidal way of unstoppable dredge to flee into the lands of the humans and their erstwhile giant Viking sometimes-allies, the varl. A mix of tactical, turn-based combat, caravan management which feels like a fantasy version of Battlestar Galactica meets The Oregon Trail and hard character choices with lasting consequences makes for an unusual, rich and atmospheric gaming experience. Hopefully this final game will see the series out in style.

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