Tuesday 30 October 2012


After receiving a few requests for this over the last few years, I have added a Paypal Donations button to the blog (see top-right) for those wishing to help make a contribution to the site. A few clarifying points below:
  1. There is no alternate or 'exclusive' content for those who choose to contribute. This is a purely voluntary thing. You - thankfully - won't get a "I'm in Wert's Zone!" T-shirt for contributing :-)
  2. Please contribute based on your enjoyment of the blog's content so far, not on what I might do or not do with the blog in the future.
  3. Contributions will go towards the upkeep of the site. Although Blogger provides a free service, there are additional charges involved in running the site which have become steeper recently (i.e. my monthly internet bill and my rent for the property from which I bloggeth).

To emphasise, this is a purely voluntary endeavour. My heartiest thanks to any who do contribute.


Anonymous said...

Shame, because an "I'm in Wert's Zone" shirt would be awesome! Maybe you should make and sell them for additional revenue!

Patrick said...

I'd like to get a shirt too!!

Anonymous said...

I just gave a contribute (in 2018). Am I late?

Adam Whitehead said...

Not at all. All gratefully received!