Tuesday 1 March 2022

Brandon Sanderson has a serious announcement to make

Brandon Sanderson has some important news. Please view the video below in full before proceeding past the break to the rest of the news. 

Yes, Brandon Sanderson has gone #fullsanderson and written five full novels during lockdown in 2020 and 2021. Sanderson cites this as being down to the removal of convention and work travel times during the pandemic, allowing him to spend more time on actual writing.

Four of the books are full-length, adult-oriented science fiction and fantasy. Three are in his Cosmere setting. The remaining book is a children's book which may see publication as a graphic novel. Details on the books will be released one a week, starting this Thursday via a Kickstarter campaign. The books will all be released in 2023.


Johan Sporre said...

That Kickstarter is insane. Will be the most funded ever quite soon.

Unknown said...

I only bought the ebooks. Shipping on on the physical stuff just seemed to expensive for me. And since Corona started if been trying to support less established authors anyway.

But I do wonder how a Stephen king Kickstarter would do.