Thursday, 6 November 2008


I set myself a challenge last month of seeing if I could put up an entry every day. Although I had to fudge it a bit (missing a couple of days so putting up two on another) I managed it. Admittedly, this was because I had a fair few ARCs to work through, plus I was working through a very long series on re-read plus I had a whole bunch of DVDs left over from earlier in the year to get through and, most importantly, I am between jobs at the moment so had the time to devote to them. I suspect November will be somewhat quieter, although with the Wheel of Time re-read ongoing and some cool ARCs headed my way (most notably Bakker's The Judging Eye) things won't be that quiet.

Currently reading: A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan
Currently watching: Merlin Season 1 and Heroes Season 3 on the BBC.
Currently playing: StarCraft (replay), The Witcher Enhanced Edition, Company of Heroes.


James said...

Duracell Bunny!

Bruce said...

Hello Adam!

I am currently sending out my 12 author copies of Plague of Spells ( to sites that review fantasy novels. If you'd like a copy for review, please email me at

Thanks for your time!


Bruce R. Cordell