Thursday, 22 May 2008


I recently received an ARC of a debut novel called The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway. After getting about 50 pages into the book I decided to temporarily give up on it. It is extremely unusual for me not to finish a book, unless it's so dense I need a break (as happened with Neal Stephenson's genius-but-demanding The Confusion) or it's so bad that it enrages me to the point of violence (as with M.J. Harrison's Viriconium omnibus). For whatever reason Gone-Away World wasn't engaging me but I plan to get back to it, as it seems to be a major debut for this year.

In the meantime I am reading Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light. Next up will be my review of Ian Cameron Esslemont's eagerly-awaited Return of the Crimson Guard. Lost is also concluding its fourth season next week, so a review of that will follow.

I recently watched the animated Dragonlance movie, Dragons of Autumn Twilight. It was a singular experience, to say the least, and I hope to marshal my thoughts to write a coherent review once I have sobered up.

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Liane said...

"Once you sober up," eh? Just how drunk did you have to get to make it through that movie?