Wednesday, 22 October 2014

New Peter F. Hamilton covers

Tor Books have spruced up the covers for Peter F. Hamilton's novels set in his Commonwealth universe. The five novels published in the setting so far (the Commonwealth Saga duology and The Void Trilogy) have had their covers updated to match the cover of the latest book in the series, The Abyss Beyond Dreams. They will be available in the UK next month.

There's also an unusual, slightly retro feel to the spine design (nabbed from here):

All in all, interesting stuff, even if it is just two years since the last big PFH cover redesign. I'll be interested to see if his other books are also given this treatment, or if this is something reserved for just the Commonwealth books for now.

The Abyss Beyond Dreams is the next book in the reading queue once I finish Kameron Hurley's excellent Infidel.


Tom said...

Now I wish I hadn't bought the recent editions with the thematically inappropriate mil-sf style covers: :(

Anonymous said...

hah, that cover looks awful..

Alex said...

Part way through The Abyss Beyond Dreams but I'm taking my time. Not a fan of the Void generally but at least it's not the fantasy realm of Edeard yet :)