Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Creative Assembly announce THREE KINGDOMS: TOTAL WAR

Creative Assembly and Sega have announced that their next full Total War game will be Total War: Three Kingdoms, marking the first visit of the franchise to China.

The game will explore the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history, between roughly 190 and 278 AD, when the Empire was divided into three factions which fought one another for dominance. This was an unusually bloody period of Chinese history, with numerous factions falling and rising as they struggled to reunify the country.

Creative Assembly originally planned to make the first Total War title a Chinese game way back in 2000, but during development they became obsessed with a samurai board game and switched the focus of the video game to Japan, resulting in Shogun: Total War. It's taken them a long time and a dozen other games in the series, but they're finally getting back to their original plan.

Total War: Three Kingdoms will be released in late 2018. This is a very busy period for Creative Assembly: Total War: Warhammer was released in 2016, its sequel just a couple of months ago, whilst Thrones of Britannia: A Total War Saga will be released in the spring. Total War: Warhammer III is also due in 2019.

With other games taking years and years to come out, it's good to see one developer releasing games on a much busier and more frequent schedule, as long as the quality remains high.


Anonymous said...

China does make sense - but I'm surprised they didn't go with the Warring States. Or even the Sixteen Kingdoms? There was certainly plenty of war, but it would seem harder to make interesting factions out of just Wu, Wei and Shu...

Stienberg said...

Interesting they first wanted to do this but became obssessed with samurai. Not that I'm sad we got Shogun Total War (and its sequel) but this will be interesting to see. I'm curious how they'll be constructing the campaign since it seems like it will be almost as story driven as it is RTS.