Monday, 19 June 2017

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY gets air date

Star Trek: Discovery has finally gotten its airdate. The first episode will debut on CBS in the United States on 24 September.

The first season of fifteen episodes will air in two batches. The first eight episodes will air from September through November, with the show taking a hiatus over Christmas and returning in January 2018 for the back seven.

The first episode will air on CBS but the rest of the series will be exclusive to CBS All-Access in the States. The show will air internationally on Netflix, probably the day after its initial release. The limited release format for the series, a troubled production schedule and the show being yet another prequel (widely perceived as being redundant and lacking tension) have resulted in a surprising lack of excitement for the first new Star Trek TV series in a dozen years. At least now we know when it will be airing and when viewers will - hopefully - be pleasantly surprised.

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