Monday, 12 June 2017

A HISTORY OF EARWA: PDF version available

You can download a free PDF of my 146-page History of Earwa series here. This is an updated version of the same article series that ran on this blog last year and earlier this year, with some extra information and all compiled into a single handy document.

There are no spoilers for The Unholy Consult, so you can use the document as a super-detailed way of getting up to speed ahead of the arrival of the novel at the start of July.

The artwork is by the excellent Jason Deem, aka SpiralHorizon.

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MrSquiggles said...

Another hugely impressive post. Without meaning to offend, how is it that you have extracted all this information? ie is there any literary license? I have read the books and obviously recognise a large amount of the detail (and credit to you, it is rendered more coherent here) but at times I wondered if there were things I had completely missed and where this information had come from. eg the names of some of the Cunuroi heroes.

Adam Whitehead said...

The two massive Encyclopedic Glossaries (the ones at the end of THE THOUSANDFOLD THOUGHT and THE UNHOLY CONSULT) were extremely useful. Some info also came out of the text and the short stories.