Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The GAME OF THRONES tapestry is absolutely amazing

When it comes to boosting tourism, hosting a major and popular TV show or movie series seems to be a reliable way of getting visitors to show up. New Zealand is still enjoying a tourism boost from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. Northern Ireland has been getting in on the act for a few years now, promoting locations from Game of Thrones as destinations for visitors.

Tourism Ireland has now got a step further and commissioned an enormous tapestry which tells the complete story of Game of Thrones (so far). The tapestry is currently 77 metres (just over 250 feet, or over a third the height of the Wall!) in length and takes the story right up to the end of Season 7. It's on display in the Ulster Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and I visited it this past weekend as part of the annual TitanCon convention for SFF fans in and around Northern Ireland.

I took almost seventy photos of the tapestry in-situ, which you can follow on my Twitter feed here.

Handily, you can also view every part of the tapestry in detail here.

The tapestry will be displayed at the Ulster Museum until next spring, when it will be moved to another location. It will also be updated and completed when Season 8 of the show airs. Photos and the website guide are helpful, but if at all practical I would recommend trying to see it in person. It's absolutely worth it.

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