Tuesday, 3 June 2014

New WHEEL OF TIME cover art for the UK

Orbit Books have revealed that they will be reissuing all fifteen Wheel of Time books (including New Spring) in the UK with new covers.

The new editions will be released in September this year. Follow the link to see all of the covers.


Bibliotropic said...

I like the new covers! Simple, but elegant.

Ghost said...

Really? I think they look terrible.

Jay said...

Conveys nothing of the purpose of the books. The Tor ebook covers should be printed.

Mark Andrew Edwards said...

Eh. What Jay said.

I like the new ebook covers much, much more. Kekai Kotaki's Great Hunt is particularly good. These look cheap.

Joshua said...

Orbit is no doubt aware of how the love/hate dynamic of DKS's artwork. UK covers in general are usually understated, so it's not a surprise to see that they stayed fairly close to the original design. While the eBook covers are each individually fabulous, they probably wouldn't clearly represent a series on a shelf at the bookstore.

I like 'em. I wouldn't give up my DKS hardcovers, but I like 'em.

Jeffrey said...

Enh. The series is good in the style of old fantasy but it's been done. There's so much better out there : A Song of Ice and Fire, Malazan, Dagger and the Coin, Stormlight, Kingkiller Chronicle.... The Wheel of Time is overshadowed. They're good entertaining reads but I dunno if they'll hold up.

Unknown said...

I don't think the new covers look that bad! In fact they look almost similar to the earlier editions by Orbit, only they are ligter colors where the older ones were more dark colored. If thats how Orbit wants them by all means let them do it that way!
Concerning TWOT artwork in general, I like the artwork on the US tor editions-earlier books in the series I mean. Some of the later book covers 10-14 in the series look ok, though I felt they could have had a little more details to them! I know alot of people cannot stand the artwork in The World of Robert Jordans TWOT illustrated guide! I have to admit that alot of the characters in that book look like either older or younger versions of themselves! But not all of them though! I think that the artwork for Demandred, Lanfear, Elayne, Egwene, and Verin are pretty good! Hopefully, when TWOT companion comes out the artwork will be superb!
When comparing RJ to GRRM or Patrik Rothfuss-The Kingkiller Chronicles or the other authors that were mentioned-which I'm not familiar with except the two mentioned above, you have to remember these three authors write their own unique and DIFFERENT storylines! A good comparison for RJ would be for authors like JRR Tolkien or Stephen Donaldson! I found P. Rothfuss story slightly entertaining, but so lacking in action, the books tend to put me to sleep! GRRM series is pretty good, though his story is mainly about a power struggle! I have to admit with his latest book-The World of Ice and Fire, I was hoping for just a little bit more with that book! The artwork looks good and theres some pretty good info about the different factions and houses, though I was hoping to see some maps of the North and South of Westeros and the lands across the sea! I know they are in the main books, though it would have been nice if they were in this one as well!
I guess with all that being said, it just goes to show you that alot of different authors series have flaws in them such as RJ and GRRM, and probably a bunch of different authors I cant think of right now! I try not to dwell on these and just enjoy the story for what it is! Wishing everybody a happy Easter and 2015!