Monday, 30 June 2014

EDGE OF DARKNESS to be repeated on UK TV tonight

One of the UK's greatest-ever TV dramas, Edge of Darkness, gets a repeat airing tonight at 10pm GMT on BBC4.

Part SF eco-thriller, part haunting descent into a psyche of a grief-stricken father and part outrageous satire on Cold War politics, Edge of Darkness is one of the barmiest things ever made by the BBC. It's also extraordinarily powerful, with a star-making central performance by Bob Peck. It's certainly well worth a look.


RobH said...

I remember watching "Edge of Darkness" on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) back when it first aired in 1985 and I was at high school. Back then, you had no way of catching up after missing the first episode, but everyone at school was talking about it so I accordingly watched all the others - and thought it was awesome! I very much remember Craven's rush onto the stage in, I think, the last episode in order to do something extreme with the material he's got his hands on, as well as the the various interactions with his dead daughter, particularly one about separating white and coloured laundry.

Glad to see that the Beeb is re-airing this, and may even check out the 2010 movie, though that's not rated anywhere near as highly on IMDB. Thanks for pointing this out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Absolutely loved it and surprisingly relevant even today.

Got an immediate feeling that Daniel Craig put some time watching Bob Peck ahead of his first Bond role before finding out the same director later did Casino Royale. Well that explains things!

Best thing I've watched in ages and amazed it had passed me by.