Saturday, 8 October 2016

Yet more SONG OF ICE AND FIRE maps

Over on Atlas of Ice and Fire, our exploration of the history of Westeros and Essos in map form continues.

In The Age of Heroes and the Long Night, we look at the Age of Heroes, when the First Men spread across Westeros. This age ended in a great winter that lasted a generation and plunged the whole world into darkness. The Long Night was lifted in the War for the Dawn, when the Last Hero rode forth with the founders of the Night's Watch and drove the Others from the lands.

In Ancient Essos we look at the ancient, great powers of the eastern world: the Great Empire of the Dawn, the mighty nation that collapsed during the Long Night, giving birth to Yi Ti; the Kingdom of Sarnor, which dominated the Grasslands of Essos for thousands of years; and Old Ghis, the great empire of Slaver's Bay that established slavery.

In The Andal Invasion we look at the homeland of the Andal people in Essos and the course of their multi-generational invasion of Westeros.

Finally, in The Rise of Valyria we witness the rise of a race of shepherds and farmers into the greatest power the known world has ever seen.

More to follow.

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