Sunday, 18 June 2017

BABYLON 5 rewatch incoming

After a lot of requests, I have decided to embark on a Babylon 5 rewatch project, in a similar vein to my Lost rewatch series from last year. It might be a couple of weeks before it gets underway, if anyone fancies tagging along on the journey.

My plan is to cover everything that is officially part of the Babylon 5 canon, including things that I've never watched before (including about half of Crusade and the TV movies Legends of the Rangers and The Lost Tales) and also most of the canon books and comics. I'll be following the standard viewing order, starting with The Gathering and moving on from there.

Approximate Watching/Reading Order

The Gathering (TV movie)
Season 1
In Darkness Find Me (comic one-shot)
Season 2, Episodes 1-2
The Price of Peace (comic story arc)
Season 2, Episodes 3-4
Shadows Past and Present (comic story arc)
Voices (novel)
Season 2, Episodes 5-22

Season 3
The Shadow Within (novel)
To Dream in the City of Sorrows (novel)
Season 4
In Valen's Name (comic story arc)
In the Beginning (TV movie)
Thirdspace (TV movie)
Season 5
The Psi Corps Trilogy (novel trilogy)
The Legions of Fire (novel trilogy)
The Passing of the Technomages (novel trilogy)
River of Souls (TV movie)
A Call to Arms (TV movie)
Legend of the Rangers (TV movie)
The Lost Tales (TV movie)

Note that whilst the canon novels and comics do expand on elements from the series a lot, and very well, they are not necessary for a thorough enjoyment of the series itself.


Anonymous said...

But Why? B5 was a great show, and we love it, but the franchise is over. There's so much other backlogged stuff to review.

Mike said...


Anonymous said...

I think the The Psi Corps Trilogy would be more significant than the Technomages one.

LeftHanded Matt said...

Brave choice. While I appreciated and at times loved B5 when I first watched it (only about 10 years ago!), I don't think it's a show I could go back to. The cheese would overwhelm me! Plus those later TV movies were abysmal. I look forward to reading your take on things and maybe it will bring back some memories.

Pat Sammons said...

I think I will join you.