Tuesday, 26 September 2017

SENSE8 finale enters pre-production

The two-hour finale movie of Netflix's Sense8 has entered -preproduction, with the script being distributed for the cast for read-throughs before shooting begins.

Sense8 was cancelled by Netflix earlier this year, after citing disappointing streaming figures for the second season (despite Netflix themselves doing an awful job of advertising it). A strong fan campaign, helped by lots of news stories and more people watching the show, allowed Netflix to give the series a reprieve and allow the writers to tie up the story.

The finale, intriguingly, is written by Lana Wachowski with novelists David Mitchell and Aleksander Hemon. Wachowski previously collaborated with Mitchell on the Cloud Atlas movie. J. Michael Straczynski, who co-created the series and co-wrote the first two seasons, is surprisingly absent. Despite some speculation to the contrary, Lily Wachowski has also not returned to contribute to the finale (although there remains a chance she may return as a producer or director).

Officially, this will be the last-ever episode of Sense8, but there remains a small chance of a further revival or a spin-off if this finale is well-received.


Ghost said...

Honestly I'm glad Netflix gave the Wachowski brothers/sisters a chance to finish the series. That's a lot better than some others (Syfy) who ended their series at the start of an ailen invasion (Dark Matter)!

Yeebo said...

I followed your advice and gave the series another shot. I'm glad that I did, as you said the show really takes off after episode four. I'm happy that the series is getting a conclusion. However, I don't think I'll be clamoring for more once the current story warps up.