Thursday, 18 August 2011

New China Mieville book gets a title

China Mieville is maintaining his one-book-a-year release schedule with the revelation that his next novel will be called Railsea (or at least has that working title). Virtually nothing else is known about the book save its May 2012 release date, a year after Embassytown.


Anonymous said...

I don't think this is quite accurate. Embassytown has been out for some time.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, I wonder if it will be as horrible as Embassytown

Tom said...

Awesome. Fantastic imagery springing to mind already.

Adam Whitehead said...

Embassytown's official release date was 28 April 2011. So Railsea coming out in May 2012 will make it a year (or just over a year) later.

redhead said...

i'm always excited for a new Mieville!

Anonymous said...

Whence cometh this information?

Adam Whitehead said...

Amazon. I would be more cautious but 1) no-one from Del Rey/Tor UK has complained so far, and 2) they also had the title of KRAKEN first IIRC and that turned out to be legit.

Anonymous said...

"If" Amazon is right and the retail price is only $18, I'm guess a yound adult novel.

Tom said...

I think this is a YA book. Smaller page count, cheaper price for the hardcover, plus the Amazon page has a bunch of stuff along the lines of:

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Thadlerian said...

"Railsea" sounds awesome. As if it'll be about both railroads and the sea. Only Miéville could make that work.

But then again, "Kraken" was not really about a kraken, at least not in any reasonably comprehensible way.

Anonymous said...

Baker & Taylor lists this as a children's title ages 9-11, grades 4-6.