Saturday, 19 April 2014

ORPHAN BLACK returns to UK screens on 30 April

BBC-3 have brought forward the return of Orphan Black in the UK. The show's first season started airing in August last year, but building on the buzz for the second season the BBC will start airing it on 30 April, just a week and a half behind the USA.

Some sources are also reporting that BBC-3 will start Season 2 with a double bill, but digital planners are showing just the standard 45-minute slot so far. The move comes after the release of Season 1 on DVD and Blu-Ray was moved up from August to last week.


Jonesy said...

Considering they abruptly did double bills in season one, doing it again doesn't surprise me.

Shame it's a week and a half after. I'd prefer the day after, like how FOX handles Walking Dead and Sky Atlantic does Game of Thrones (or how Netflix did the final eight of Breaking Bad.)

Anonymous said...

I saw the new episode a few days ago and it starts out with a bang and ends (well almost) with a surprise in a hospital. A pleasant surprise I wasn't expecting but was very glad to see. An auspicious start to the new season.