Saturday, 31 May 2014

Brandon Sanderson to release original graphic novel trilogy set in the Cosmere

Brandon Sanderson has announced that his planned White Sand trilogy of fantasy novels has been re-tooled as three graphic novels, to be published by Dynamite Comics.

The White Sand series has been percolating for many years. Set on the planet Taldain, it is part of Sanderson's wider Cosmere universe (also including his Mistborn and Stormlight Archive series, and his novels Warbreaker and Elantris). Taldain is a tidally-locked planet where one half of the world is under permanent daylight and the other in eternal darkness. The 'Daysiders' and 'Darksiders' each have their own unique abilities, with the Daysiders able to use the sand of the title as part of their magic system.

According to Sanderson, the novel trilogy will now not be published, with the story exclusively set to feature as a graphic novel series. The first volume will be published in 2015.


The Writer said...

As disappointed as I am that we're not going to see these in novel form, I'm glad we'll get to see this story soon. This could serve as a way for Sanderson to keep things fresh, and if he's enthusiastic about the project, I'll read it.

Paul Weimer said...

Oh, I wonder if Sanderson has read "Jack of Shadows"

Anonymous said...

So if I understand correctly, the story will be written by someone else, but based on a manuscript by Sanderson?

Gabriele Campbell said...

I can understand why he does this with his attempt to further broaden epic Fantasy by the Cosmere idea, and Stormlight Archive already has some graphic elements usually not to be found in novels (aside from secondary illustrated versions like LOTR).

But *sigh* Graphic novels are a medium that totally does not work for me, so I'll have to give that one a pass, Cosmere or not.