Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Updated MALAZAN world map

Ian Cameron Esslemont's Assail is released in two months, concluding his six-volume Malazan Empire series and bringing the total number of Malazan novels (including Steven Erikson's works) up to seventeen. The book will hopefully include a map of the continent of Assail (and subcontinent of Bael) to help fans in their quest to produce a definitive world map. In the meantime, here's a working idea:

Click to embiggen.

The basis of this map was the one created by D'rek on the Malazanempire forum. I moved Assail over a little closer to the other continents (it's pretty well-known, just avoided like the plague) and added the canonical map of Jacuruku from Blood and Bone, as well as moving it to the correct position. Its size comparable to the other continents remains unclear, however.

The map needs a little work - the Geonstel Archipelago is missing, Lether is a fair bit bigger than it should be and Genabackis is a bit smaller - and even after Assail there will still be blank bits on the map (central Lether, Stratem/southern Korel and western Seven Cities all remain fairly speculative), but we're certainly getting closer to the final picture here.


Dax said...

Hi Adam,

Sorry to bug you but I figured I would see if there was any progress towards an updated map at this point?

Take care,


Adam Whitehead said...

There is a newer map here:

Dax said...

Oh I missed it! Thanks for the heads up.

Unknown said...

Is it possible to get a poster of this map that could be framed?

Adam Whitehead said...

It hasn't been updated for a while, but this is the thread on Malazanempire where the map is being built up. There's a high-res version on the very first page: