Monday, 15 June 2015

METAL GEAR SOLID V trailer is six minutes of WTF

I must admit that the Metal Gear Solid series is one of those game franchises that has pretty much completely passed me by. Every time I try to read a plot summary on Wikipedia my brain starts to melt and I've never been moved to pick up any of the games.

The reason I'm posting the trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is that it is gloriously bizarre. Six minutes of total inexplicable sloganeering, impenetrable dialogue, randomly-appearing weird characters (who is the ghoul cowbow who's just dropped in from Fallout? Why is that female sniper wearing a bikini?) and portentous dialogue, all set to one of NewOrder's more obscure (but excellent) tracks. Bewilderingly compelling stuff. Probably not enough to get me to play the game, but fascinating.


Bronk said...

I see what you mean... It sort of looks like a slightly off the mark take on Ghost in the Shell.

Anonymous said...

Love this series, but its biggest flaw is that it thinks its way more intelligent than it is. It spends 10 minutes explaining something with big words, that could easily be said in a few sentences. Particularly MGS 4 suffers heavily from this.