Thursday, 11 August 2016

There's now an EISENHORN video game starring Mark Strong

Kind of. Pixelhero Games have teamed up with Games Workshop to release Eisenhorn: Xenos, an action-adventure game based on the first novel in Dan Abnett's superlative Eisenhorn trilogy.

The game, as Rock Paper Shotgun describes, isn't a freeform title but is instead a sort of narrated graphic novel, with you intervening at key moments to direct the action. Those expecting something like Mass Effect or even Relic's Space Marine game will be disappointed. This is something a bit more like a Telltale Adventure, although possibly with even less real interaction.

Still, for seeing Dan Abnett's gritty blending of Warhammer 40,000 insanity with noir fiction by way of outright SF weirdness on screen, it has some curiosity value.

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