Saturday, 18 February 2017

JV Jones breaks silence, joins Patreon

Fantasy author JV Jones has joined Patreon and restarted her Twitter account, breaking over three years of total silence.

Jones is the author of the superb Sword of Shadows series, consisting (so far) of A Cavern of Black Ice (1999), A Fortress of Grey Ice (2002), A Sword From Red Ice (2007) and Watcher of the Dead (2010). A fifth book, Endlords, has been promised, with the series overall expected to last for either five or six volumes. The Sword of Shadows is a sequel to her earlier Book of Words trilogy, consisting of The Baker's Boy (1995), A Man Betrayed (1996) and Master and Fool (1997). She has also written a fine stand-alone fantasy novel, The Barbed Coil (1997).

Jones reports that the last few years have been very difficult but she is now getting her writing career back on track, with finishing her current novel in progress (presumably Endlords) a priority. She is also planning to release blog entries and articles via Patreon.

This is excellent news. It's good to see Ms. Jones back writing and hopefully we'll be seeing the end of the story she started over twenty years ago soon.

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Anonymous said...

This is interesting news. This series has been on my radar for quite some time, but I never invested any time in it because it appeared to have been an abandoned project. I’m cautiously optimistic, but if she publishes the book or at least keeps a steady stream of updates going in the hopper then I may begin reading this series.

shiznatikus said...

The very best news I've heard for a while. As much patience as I've lost for long-delayed multi-volume works, I have eagerly anticipated news of J. V. Jones and her writing no matter how remote the possibility. I'll look forward to more news soon.

Martin Taylor said...

Great news!

flow said...

I only found this series, hidden in the back shelves of the library, a few months ago. Now, as i've finished book #4, i see that the late discovery was a boon. Hopefully, unlike other lovers of Ms Jones' work, i live to read the conclusion.