Sunday, 3 August 2008

Online Round-Up Part 3

Just a quick word about webcomics. Ah yes, those expressions of creativity and artistic endeavour written by people with sublime senses of humour. Or arguably gaming fanboyz making obvious jokes about Solid Snake looking having some sort of seizure whenever he has to crawl.

Penny Arcade has been the most popular webcomic out there for some time and it runs the gamut from genuinely hilarious to tumbleweeds-blowing-in-the-wind pretty regularly. Ctrl+Alt+Del hasn't been genuinely funny for about three years and a recent 'serious' storyline about abortion was distasteful and strange, but some of the earlier strips were vaguely amusing.

The only two I'm prepared to fully recommend here are both arguably quite lazy, as they involve no artistic skills at all but just tons of screencapping. DM of the Rings is genuinely hilarious. It retells Lord of the Rings as a D&D campaign, which explains some of the most inexplicable moments from the movies. It also has the virtue of being complete, so you can just binge on the whole thing. Great stuff.

The other one, which is ongoing, is Darths and Droids, which basically does the same for the Star Wars movies. They're still only about two-thirds of the way through The Phantom Menace so there's still some way to go, but pretty outstanding so far, with a reasonable explanation for Jar-Jar's goofy weirdness (he's being played by the young sister of one of the players who was dragged along one night due to lack of babysitting options). Both are well worth a look.


Unknown said...

Where's the mention of Order of the Stick and Natalie Dee?

(I'm amphibian over at Malazan)

Anonymous said...

Cyanide & Happiness



both = gold.

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