Friday, 26 December 2008

The Wertzone Awards for Other Stuff in 2008

Best Computer Game

Fallout 3

This may be an indication that I didn't play many games this year. In fact, I can safely say that 2008 was my worst year for staying up to date with new game releases since somewhere around 1991. To some extent this is because I game on PC, and the PC format is being killed off by the publishers for reasons that seem entirely impenetrable. Ludicrous waiting times between the console release of a game and the subsequent PC version, insane and invasive copy-protection schemes that don't actually work and the increasing tendency of publishers to release incomplete games and patch them up six months later have all combined to make PC gaming an increasingly frustrating pastime. I must admit to nearly giving in and getting a 360 earlier in the year, but managed to stave it off.

Anyway, Fallout 3 - for all its issues - is great, an atmospheric and fun RPG with the best combat system seen in the genre for absolutely ages.

My second choice would be Rock Band 2, which completely threw my gaming group's ongoing Deadlands game out the window in favour of using rocking out but is more fun than should be strictly legal.

Best TV Show


Lost's rehabilitation continues with its best season yet, with tons of secrets revealed and the storyline moving forward in leaps and bounds. Admittedly, it's a bit odd that the central conflict of the series is now revealed as being an epic life-and-death struggle between two supporting characters, neither of whom appeared before the end of Season 2, but when the actors involved are Michael Emerson and Alan Dale that's hardly a problem. Some jaw-droppingly unexpected deaths (thing of GRRM-style, out-of-nowhere fatalities) and a huge mind-frak of a season finale combined to give us a really strong show.

Best TV Episode

Battlestar Galactica: Revelations

It was a slightly unhappier year for BSG, which started the year off by trying to repair some of the damage done by the poor second half of Season 3. It succeeded in regaining its former fire, but it took ten episodes to do it. Nevertheless, Revelations was a stunning piece of work with the actors firing on all cylinders, the writers getting back into the groove and the final act and the jaw-dropping final scene being fantastically handled. Hopefully the show can continue at this quality or improve upon it once Season 4.5 begins in less than three weeks.

I'll be doing a big preview of stuff to watch out for in 2009 next week, so watch out for that!

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