Thursday, 22 December 2011

THE WHEEL OF TIME is completed

Brandon Sanderson has confirmed that A Memory of Light, the fourteenth and final novel in The Wheel of Time sequence, is done.
"Ladies and gentlemen, A Memory of Light--the final book in The Wheel of Time--has been finished."
By 'finished', he of course means that the first draft is complete. He envisages several months of additional work to bring the final draft in, with publication still tentatively set for late 2012.

But still, the bulk of the work has been done, and the book will be on shelves in less than a year. Sanderson also seems to have taken a more definitive stance on the two prequels and three side-novels that Robert Jordan had planned for The Wheel of Time world, indicating that they will probably never be written.


Josh Lowe said...

WOT is still in my to read list but even I was in a little awe when I read this on Facebook this morning.

Bob (Beauty in Ruins) said...

Well, I guess there really IS a Santa Claus!

Seriously, this is great news. I think Sanderson has done a great job with the material, creating an almost seamless transition from Jordan's work. I'm really excited to finally see how it all comes together, and the fact the Jordan had the presence of mind to write the final scene before he died is just amazing.

A little disappointing to hear we likely won't get the companion volumes but, then again, Sanderson has his own saga to finish . . . and I'm entirely OK with that.