Monday 13 January 2014

Peter F. Hamilton update

An update on Peter F. Hamilton's writing projects for this year:

Queen of Dreams, the first novel in Peter F. Hamilton's Book of the Realms trilogy for younger readers, is out now. There are two more books to follow in the trilogy, already written and completed.

The Abyss Beyond Dreams is Hamilton's next adult SF novel. It is the first in a series called Chronicle of the Fallers and is set in the Commonwealth Universe, the setting for the Commonwealth Saga and Void Trilogy. This series is expected to be a duology, with Book 2 called The Night Without Stars. As of last month, Hamilton had almost completed the novel and it is anticipated for publication in September or October of this year. The Night Without Stars should follow in mid-2016.

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Anonymous said...

Adam, thought you might be interested in this extract from The Abyss Beyond Dreams:

Personally I can't wait!