Sunday, 22 November 2009

Some good Peter F. Hamilton news

Peter F. Hamilton has completed the writing of The Evolutionary Void, the third and final volume in The Void Trilogy. Publication date is currently tentatively scheduled for September 2010, although there are hopes that was just a placeholder date and this early finishing of the novel (a month ahead of schedule) may see the book brought up a few weeks. More news to come.

The book will also introduce a new cover artist, with Steve Stone taking over art duties from Jim Burns.

Hamilton's next project has not yet been announced, but his plan is to write an all-new stand-alone novel set in a new universe, followed by a return to the Commonwealth/Void setting for a new trilogy. Originally planned as a YA series, this new sequence will apparently now be more in line with his previous books and will be set wholly in the Void, but on a different planet to the one featured previously.

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Dave said...

Great news! I've been waiting for his next book for a while...

This is a guy with a big imagination on 'im.