Wednesday, 25 August 2010

News and Updates

The first omnibus of Paul Kearney's superlative Monarchies of God series, Hawkwood and the Kings, should be hitting bookshelves in the UK and US around now. Supporting the move is a smart full-page advert which should also be appearing in British SF publications around this time:


In other news, Alastair Reynolds has settled on a title for his next project. Previously described as the '11K Trilogy', the working title for the new trilogy is Poseidon's Children, with the first novel likely to be called Blue Remembered Earth. The book is set to appear sometime in 2011.


Tom Mullin said...

those covers are very G.RR Martin like.

Gabriele Campbell said...

Oh, has been early again? I got the book end of July. :)

Anonymous said...

They're both in stock on too, the first one was released late July and the second one has a street date of August 31.


Hadean said...

Not really, I got mine from Bookdepository in the end of July as well.

They just shipped out the 2nd omnibus yesterday as well.

Booksnhorses said...

That poster looks like something from the Franklin Mint!