Thursday, 26 August 2010

Patrick Rothfuss in LOCUS

Patrick Rothfuss has been interviewed by the American Locus magazine, getting a cover promo as well as a bemusing but also awesome interior pic:

Rothfuss discusses the origins of the series and the problems that he faced in bringing The Wise Man's Fear to a close. The interview is in issue 595 and Rothfuss blogs about the interview here.


Anonymous said...

Any chance those of us who aren't able to order Locus magazine over here could still read the whole interview? Not just excerpts. Like a bootleg or something.

BAndy said...

One book......almost 4 years since....!

Even GRRM had first 3 SoIaF books out in ~6 yrs. (not to mention his many other contributions to SFF/TV, etc. before and after.)

Not that they even compare.

The Name of the Wind... meh...

redhead said...

btw, that picture is now the wallpaper on my 'puter. tis EPIC