Tuesday 11 October 2011

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (3rd Edition) goes live

The 3rd Edition of the mighty Encyclopedia of Science Fiction has gone live. The previous two editions of the encyclopedia were massive print books large enough to demolish buildings, but the third edition is twice the size of either and hence will only (so far) be available on the Internet.

This is the so-called 'beta release', consisting of roughly 75% of the text of the full book. The remainder of the text will be released over the next year or so, with regular updates appearing afterwards.

A quick look through the encyclopedia suggests this is a monumental, massive addition to the canon of SF reference works, likely to supplant its predecessor as the definitive guide to the genre and possibly likely to supplant TVTropes as the website you go to check out one article and end up spending an afternoon there :-)


Alex said...

Hmmm. First search, Tad Williams, not exactly a no name in fantasy,

"[[Entry to follow]] >"

Was looking forward to reading it as my 1st edition had some interesting notions on Memory, Sorrow & Thorn being a pastiche/critique of the fantasy genre.

Still hated those bloody ghents though.

Adam Whitehead said...

Tad Williams will have an entry for OTHERLAND (technically SF) and some of his short fiction, but MEMORY, SORROW AND THORN is a fantasy series, and hence will likely not be covered in any detail.

If you check GRRM's entry, you'll see they are careful to cover only his SF work; ASoIaF is only mentioned in passing as it isn't SF.