Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A message from Scott Lynch's publisher

Simon Spanton, deputy publishing editor at Gollancz, has released the following statement regarding the new Scott Lynch novel, The Republic of Thieves:

"We know how eagerly many of you are waiting for the publication of Scott Lynch’s third novel, The Republic of Thieves. We know how frustrating the delays have been. We know this because we share your eagerness and your frustrations. But as you may know Scott has had a very difficult couple of years and consequently the novel has been delayed. Several times. If you knew the circumstances for these delays I’m sure you’d understand why we have had to wait for the book. We’re now waiting for final delivery of the manuscript and are hoping to publish the book in March of 2012. The moment we have final delivery we will confirm a publication date.

No-one is more eager to see this book published than Scott or myself. The delays have been forced on us. The moment we can put those behind us we will let you know and then we can all start counting the days to publication. Locke Lamora will return.

Simon Spanton,
Deputy Publishing Director, Gollancz."


Cursed Armada said...

I miss you Locke...

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering where this book was.... Thanks for posting this.

manunkind said...

I'll believe it when they actually factually give out a 'WE GOT THE MANUSCRIPT' announcement.

Otherwise, yeah. He's successfully pushed himself to the back of my mind in terms of caring. At least I was 4k pages into ASoFaI when Martin did his thing.

Republic better be good, or he'll join the ranks of 'Oh look, I found Bargain Bin books at BaM, I should probably buy it.'