Monday, 23 July 2012

World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Awards announced

Fantasy authors Alan Garner and George R.R. Martin are to receive Lifetime Achievement Awards at the World Fantasy Convention in Toronto later this year.

Garner is an English novelist noted for his use of folk tales. He is best-known for his children's fantasy novel Elidor (made into a TV series in the 1990s) and his Brisingamen trilogy, consisting of The Weirdstone of Brisingamen (1960), The Moon of Gomrath (1963) and the long-gestating Boneland (2012).

Martin, I'm sure, needs no introduction. The fact that Garner is his co-recipient will I'm sure please GRRM, as he is a fan of Garner's work and in fact has a House Garner (complete with a sigil based on his novel The Owl Service) listed amongst the noble houses of Westeros.

The convention will take place on 1-4 November this year.

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