Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A Game of Thrones blog

This blog has been set up by a new reader experiencing A Game of Thrones for the first time. It's well worth a look and fascinating to see someone else's reaction to this novel and how perceptive they are at picking up some of the things happening so far. Plus he's quite funny:

"Varys knows that Bran is in a coma and that Catelyn is in King’s Landing. Varys knows exactly when she arrived and where she is hiding. Varys knows why she carries a dagger and that it originally belonged to Tyrion. Varys knows what you are thinking before you do. Varys knows you know he knows. He knows you know he knows you know. Varys was on the grassy knoll with Amelia Earhart and Bigfoot, watching the final episode of Lost which explains everything. Varys knows when A Dance with Dragons will be released. Varys knows, he just knows."


There is another blog here charting the course of a re-read of the series. Very useful for those concerned they won't remember anything about the plot by the time A Dance with Dragons comes out.

In quasi-related news, Winter is Coming has had a bit of a make-over as more news starts coming in on the filming of the TV version of A Game of Thrones. Very nice.

I'm plowing through Ash and hope to finish it by the weekend. It's been a while since I last took this long on a book (albeit one the size of four normal-sized novels).


Anonymous said...

Nice (i.e. straight up, Word). It's an excellent blog, but nice to have the re-cap at hand. I've not re-read any Martin and I'm concerned I'll not recall key points once ADwD is released.

SoIaF Blog said...

Excellent point Peter :-)

I thought the same few months back and started a similar blog to the one mentioned in this post.

Chapter by chapter I'm posting a summary, the most memorable quotes and my commentary on the events. I hope to have the entire series reviewed/re-read before A Dance with Dragons comes out. :-)

The blog's address, if you decide to take a look, is:

Anonymous said...

Eddie knows...
[Anachronox reference, ftw]

Adam Whitehead said...

Anachronox references make everything 10,000 times better.

"I shall kill you...WITH DEATH!"

Anonymous said...

*blink* someone actually got an Anachronox reference? Double awesome!