Saturday, 15 December 2018

Some cool art of the Seven Ajahs from THE WHEEL OF TIME

Artist Sofia Augusto has posted some excellent artwork depicting the Seven Ajahs of the Aes Sedai from Robert Jordan's fantasy series The Wheel of Time.

The artwork depicts, from left to right, Alviarin of the White Ajah (and Black); Yukiri of the Grey Ajah; Nynaeve of the Yellow Ajah; Cadsuane of the Green Ajah; Moiraine of the Blue Ajah; Verin of the Brown Ajah; and Elaida of the Red Ajah.

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Fernando G. Orza said...

Amazing pictures, she has a Talent for drawing. I have to say that Cadsuane, Elaida and Verin are far from what I imagined, though. I really hope that this Rafe Judkins manages it well and brings a good show...