Friday, 3 April 2020

TALES FROM THE LOOP arrives on Amazon Prime

The first season of Tales from the Loop has hit Amazon Prime Video today (USA, UK).

The eight-part series is set in Ohio in 1982, in a town called Mercer which sits on top of a gigantic particle accelerator known as the Loop. Various scientific experiments have been run at the facility for the preceding thirty years and detritus from these experiments litters the landscapes, including escaped robots and mysterious spheres with strange properties. Each episode focuses on a different character and their interaction with the Loop and its properties.

The series is based on the work of Simon Stålenhag, a Swedish artist who rose to fame with his atmospheric paintings merging 1980s nostalgia and hard-edged SF technology. His work resulted in both a 2014 art book and a 2017 roleplaying game, although the TV series draws solely on the art book for copyright reasons (and also re-sets the action from Sweden to Ohio).

The creative team behind the project is strong, with Stålenhag working as a concept artist, Philip Glass as the co-composer, Matt Reeves as a producer, Jodie Foster among the directors and Rebecca Hall and Jonathan Pryce leading the cast.

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