Sunday, 12 April 2020

Blogging Roundup: 3 February to 12 April 2020

The Wertzone

TALES FROM THE LOOP board game launches on Kickstarter 
TALES FROM THE LOOP arrives on Amazon Prime 
The Last of Us II delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic 
LIFE ON MARS revival mini-series in the planning stages 
THE MANDALORIAN adds Michael Biehn and Rosario Dawson for Season 2 
Jim Butcher surprise-announces that two DRESDEN FILES novels will be published this year 
Half-Life 3 (probably) confirmed 
The TV shows that are still (hopefully) coming out in 2020-21 
Netflix launches new fantasy TV series tomorrow 
DUNE tabletop roleplaying game gets a name and release window 
CD Projekt Red decentralises operations to continue work on Cyberpunk 2077 
Production of THE WITCHER shut down 
Ricardo Pinto begins re-release of his STONE DANCE OF THE CHAMELEON series 
Coronavirus pandemic impacts on SFF projects worldwide 
WHEEL OF TIME TV series to launch in early 2021 
TRON TV series cancelled at Disney+ 
Command & Conquer Remastered arrives on PC in June 
Horizon: Zero Dawn confirmed for PC release in summer 2020 
Final LAST KINGDOM novel to be released this October 
The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy turns 42 today. 
Matthew Hughes to write sequel to Jack Vance's DEMON PRINCES series 
GAME OF THRONES prequel series will not be filmed in Northern Ireland 
LAST OF US TV series in development at HBO with CHERNOBYL writer 
CBS All Access developing CAPTAIN PIKE TV series 
Amazon releases first trailer for TALES FROM THE LOOP TV series 
Larian Studios unveils Baldur's Gate III 
Bob Iger steps down as Disney CEO 
New MALAZAN novel confirmed for this year 
Lucasfilm announce new STAR WARS multimedia project, THE HIGH REPUBLIC 
Netflix release first trailer for TRANSFORMERS: WAR FOR CYBERTRON 
Yet another STAR WARS video game cancelled 
Eli Roth and CHERNOBYL writer team up on BORDERLANDS film 
STAR TREK: PICARD proves a big hit for CBS All Access 
Blackbird Interactive announce Hardspace: Shipbreaker 
Baldur's Gate III to be released in 2020? 
Wizards of the Coast hires ex-BioWare alums to found new video game studio 
STAR WARS movies on hold (again) 
Sam Raimi in talks to join the MCU to helm Doctor Strange 2 
Dan Houser quits Rockstar Games 
Disney releases trailers for new Marvel TV shows
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