Thursday, 27 February 2020

Amazon releases first trailer for TALES FROM THE LOOP TV series, based on a roleplaying game

Amazon has released the first trailer for its Tales from the Loop TV series. Unusually, the TV series is based on a roleplaying game and concept art rather than a novel or comic series.

Tales from the Loop began life as a series of paintings by Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag, published in 2015. This was fleshed out by Free League Entertainment into the Tales from the Loop roleplaying game, released in 2017. Tales from the Loop has attracted widespread acclaim for its focus, which sees the players creating very young and inexperienced characters (referred to as "Kids") who then deal with a mystery, which can be supernatural, alien or mundane in origin.

Although Tales from the Loop predates the release of the first season of Stranger Things, the similar atmosphere and set-up was seen as fortunate from a marketing perspective.

In the canonical Tales from the Loop universe, the source of the strange events is "The Loop," a particle accelerator-like device designed to unlock the secrets of the universe, with most of the kids coming from a town built above the device. The Amazon series looks like it will be using this setup for its storylines. The series stars Jonathan Pryce (Brazil, Game of Thrones), Paul Schneider (Parks & Recreation) and Rebecca Hall (Frost/Nixon, Iron Man 3) and will debut on 3 April on Amazon Prime Video worldwide.

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