Thursday, 14 January 2021

Brian McClellan's POWDER MAGE TRILOGY optioned for television by STARGATE producer

Joseph Mallozzi, the former producer of the StarGate TV franchise and more recently Dark Matter and Utopia Falls, has optioned Brian McClellan's well-received Power Mage epic fantasy series for TV.

Mallozzi is teaming with Canadian company No Equal Entertainment and Frantic Films. No broadcaster or streamer is yet attached.

The Powder Mage Trilogy consists of the novels Promise of Blood (2013), The Crimson Campaign (2014) and The Autumn Republic (2015) and revolves around a world where the gods have returned after a long absence to find time and technology has moved on without them and the people have developed 18th Century levels of technology, including gunpowder and campaign. The story revolves around "powder mages" who can combined the powers of gunpowder and sorcery in an unusual way. The series has gained some positive critical notices and sold almost a million copies since it was published. A sequel trilogy followed in 2017-19.

As usual, this is a speculative option by a producer company, not a greenlight by a big streamer or network, so it's a long way from going on-screen, but it's another sign that the fantasy genre remains hot and many TV and film studios are interested in developing new properties.

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