Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Guy Gavriel Kay completes latest novel

Guy Gavriel Kay has completed his latest novel. The book doesn't yet have a title or plot summary.

Guy Gavriel Kay being inducted into the Order of Canada in 2015, for his services to Canadian literature.

Kay notes that this is the first draft and much more editorial work remains before the book will be published, which he currently estimates will happen in 2022. This will maintain the book-every-three-years pace he has maintained since The Last Light of the Sun in 2004; his books since then have been Ysabel (2007), Under Heaven (2010), River of Stars (2013), Children of Earth and Sky (2016) and A Brightness Long Ago (2019). 


Jens said...

Cool news! :-)

I know it's kind of GGK's MO but I wish he talked a little more about the projects he's working on. Doesn't have to be a Sanderson level of insight, of course, but rather the occasional update. Maybe saying what setting the new book is in, or how he's getting along.

But again, I know that's how he likes it and I'll respect that.

Unknown said...

I bet the story will be located in Brittany (France)...