Monday, 27 July 2009

News from Comic-Con

Some interesting news coming in from the San Diego Comic-Con over the last few days. Let's see if I can sift through them:

Battlestar Galactica - The Plan & beyond
The final instalment of BSG as we know it, the TV movie The Plan, will be released on DVD at the end of October and will air in the USA on SyFy a few weeks later. No word on UK release or broadcast. Eddie James Olmos claims to have developed a script featuring Tigh and Adama's adventures after the end of the TV series but producer Ronald D. Moore said that's not a story he's really interested in telling, but hasn't ruled out anything. Oddly, there has been little news (that I've been able to find) so far on Caprica, which debuts in January in both the USA and UK.

A Dance with Dragons - George RR Martin
GRRM's editor Anne Groell was asked approximately five thousand times when the book is coming out, according to Suvudu blogger Shawn Speakman on the Terry Brooks forum. The apparent consensus from the information provided is that the book is huge, with well over 1,000 manuscript pages 'locked' with no further editorial work to be done on them, and several hundred more which are a mixture of chapters for ADWD that need some finalising and several more chapters which are being worked on for Book 6, The Winds of Winter (later clarification on by Shawn revealed that how much material has been saved for Book 6 beyond what we already know from GRRM's blog is not clear, and may not be substantial). GRRM's editor's comments seem to be in agreement with GRRM's recent ones, that an October completion for a March 2010 publication (in the USA, the UK could get it in February) is not unreasonable, but once again nothing is set in stone. Another attendee of the Finncon signing has said on Westeros that GRRM mentioned that the book will hopefully come in at around 1,200 manuscript pages.

The Gathering Storm - Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
Employees at the Tor stand were reportedly 'bigging up' the new Wheel of Time book, some guiltily saying they thought it was better than the last few instalments of the series and reporting that it 'kicks ass'. The book is due for release on 3 November in the UK and USA.

Lost - Season 6
Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse hosted a major Q&A panel with some 'special guests' dropping in and some new teaser videos being shown. They were tight-lipped on Season 6 (aside from saying some actors who have previously left the show will return), but confirmed Richard Alpert's backstory would be revealed in-depth. Season 6 will have a new twist to the flashback/flash-forward paradigm, but they have not revealed what this will be, save there will be a least one flashback (the aforementioned Richard Alpert story). The new teaser videos were a bit bizarre, one featuring Hurley in his role as MD of Mr. Cluck's fast food chain talking about his 'fantastic luck' since winning the lottery, another being an America's Most Wanted instalment about Kate and a third, extremely eyebrow-raising, video for Oceanic Airways which claims that they have a 'perfect safety record'. Interesting stuff. Lost's final season starts airing in January 2010.

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