Friday, 15 October 2010

New Michael Moorcock novel out

Michael Moorcock's new novel, The Coming of the Terraphiles, is out now in the UK. Yes, this is the Doctor Who tie-in book that's bemused a few commentators. SFX have a review in:

This is a Moorcock novel through and through: exhilarating, funny and deeply peculiar. It’s stuffed with references to both the Whoniverse and his own sprawling oeuvre and Moorcock does a good job of capturing the Eleventh Doctor’s wild-eyed enthusiasm and Amy’s flirtatious tendencies.

It’s not, however, for kids. It’s hard to imagine many youngsters (or more traditionalist Who fans) getting wrapped up in a demented PG Wodehouse pastiche.

It'll be interesting to see more reviews for this book and see what people make of a literary SF author tackling a tie-in project.

UPDATE: SFRevu suggest that the book isn't that great.

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